Auto dealers in Dallas Texas are seeing an increase in used car sales from consumer bankruptcy. These consumers are the perfect targeted customers because they are ready to buy now! These BK Leads are the perfect candidate for direct bankruptcy mailing that offers special deals and financing. Studies show that consumers who have recently filed bankruptcy or are in the midst of a repossession caused from bankruptcy are some of the best leads for lenders and dealers. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court records show that approximately half of these consumers have purchased a new or used car within a month after settlement.

Direct Mail For Bankruptcy Leads in Dallas Texas

bankruptcy leads texasDirect mail marketing has actually increased in effectiveness because of new digital technology. Direct mail is still rated #1 in trust so the successful formula is to design custom flyers with special financing offers and deals directed towards consumer bankruptcy. Utilizing custom designed direct mailing drives customers to the Internet for more info gathering, qualifying, and call to action!

There are certain things that must exist on your flyers to help spark that action and get consumers motivated to take action. Because many of these BK Leads are not aware of the options that exist to help them get financed, your direct mail flyer must be created to help educate. Crafting titles and descriptions with action words helps the consumer understand that they do qualify even after they have filed bankruptcy.

Some of the titles or headings these direct mail flyers need to have are:

* Discharged Bankruptcy – Re-Establish Credit
* Pre-Approved Application For Consumer Bankruptcy
* Wanted Bad Credit – Bankruptcy Consumers In Dallas Texas

Having titles or headings like these in your Bankruptcy BK mailers speak directly to these consumers by letting them know they do qualify for a new or used car. Helping to educate the BK Leads will increase the chances of your auto dealership in Dallas Texas closing more sales. An effective automotive bankruptcy leads campaign includes special offers or deals listed on the direct mailer.

These special offers or deals could include free oil changes for 6 months, free event tickets, offering no down payment or special rebates. Using these call to action offers after you have educated the consumers gives a greater chance to closing deals even before the consumer visits your car dealership in Dallas Texas. Crafting high quality BK Direct Mailers targeted towards consumer bankruptcy leads is a great marketing tool to connect with no credit / bad credit auto shoppers.

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